Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marginalized BIM

My friend and colleague Peter Cholakis, with whom I have co-presented in the past, has a post up related to the marginalization of BIM.  Here's the LINK.  Readers should feel free to chime in in the comments, Bob Smith and I have both done so.  As I mentioned in my comment, I think the solution to "marginalized BIM" is an effective IPD Procurement Program that owners can use to procure BIM enabled infrastructure from integrated BIM enabled teams capable of operating in an IPD environment.

I apologize to regular readers if you feel I'm beating a dead horse, but this is, I think, the next critical push if IPD, BIM and lean processes are to be widely adopted.  Owners must recognize the wide ranging benefits of BIM and must adjust their procurement methods to enable them to acquire planning design and construction services from BIM enabled teams - which in turn will delivery the BIM enabled infrastructure owners want - if IPD, BIM and lean processes are to be widely and rapidly adopted.

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