Thursday, February 23, 2012

Round Green Peg in a Square Brown Hole

Large institutional organizations, both public and private, which own manage and maintain large infrastructure portfolios also consume planning design and construction services in volume.  Most of those owners are keenly interested in procuring high performance buildings.  Doing so under a traditional Design-Bid-Build procurement model involves pounding a series of Green Pegs, the sustainable / high performance specifications, through a series of Brown Holes, represented by the antiquated procurement mechanisms that force stakeholders to operate in a series of silos.

Owners - and their partners in the built industry - are exploring alternatives to the traditional Design-Bid-Build model with renewed interest as they discover how difficult it is to hammer these round green pegs through the square brown holes at the top of each silo.  While CM at Risk, Design-Build and P3s are all popular nothing enables institutional owners to procure BIM enabled infrastructure like a coherent and effective IPD Procurement Program.

James L. Salmon is wrapping up the next installment for the BUILT - BIM to FM series in AUGIWorld Magazine, an article titled, "Wicked Procurement Programs - IPD and BIM Unleashed" which will be published in April.  The article explores the issues involved in planning, developing and transitioning to an IPD Procurement Program.

Job Order Costing (JOC) is another procurement model institutional owners might want to explore.  JOC is a close cousin - probably even a kissing cousin - to IPD that has been used extensively since the 1980s.  It originated with the US Air Force and has evolved successfully.  It will be explored in more detail in the future here and in the BUILT - BIM to FM series in AUGIWorld Magazine.

If readers know of clients that might be interested in such programs please contact James.

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