Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saving Humpty Dumpty

I've received several positive emails regarding the Humpty Dumpty analogy and I thought I would ride that horse just a little further.  In the Humpty Dumpty Information post I pointed out the myriad of ways stakeholders can indiscriminately toss Humpty Dumpty over the wall.  Below is a link to an article I wrote for the BUILT - BIM to FM section of AUGIWorld last June.  Scroll down to pages 45-47 for the article titled "What Owners Want".  The article is part of a series on functional digital assets.

What Owners Want

Here's an excerpt:

Functional digital assets enable Decisions based on Accessible, Valuable, and Informative Data Systems (DAVIDS). Timely intelligent decisions add value to an enterprise. Decision makers with timely access to valuable and informative data make better decisions. Functional digital assets empower leaders to make quicker more well informed decisions. This increases success.

Decisions drive our lives and good judgment is the hallmark of excellent leadership. Excellent leaders want accurate information more quickly. Providing leaders – on an enterprise level – with access to valuable and informative data is common in the military and manufacturing arenas. Even there, however, tapping facilities or infrastructure based knowledge while making decisions is not the norm. In the AEC Industry many are just beginning to recognize the value of functional digital assets and the power those assets have to improve decisions and add value to an enterprise.
Again, this is one article in a series on functional digital assets.  Anyone interested in having a copy all the articles in a single PDF should contact me.  The Wicked Series is available in a similar format.

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