Monday, February 20, 2012

Shape Memory Materials

The use of metals and other materials that "remember" their shape has a number of interesting uses in the construction industry, not the least of which is earthquake resistant infrastructure.  The article excerpted and linked below describes research at Georgia Tech into the use of these materials.

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a model that combines thermodynamics and mechanical equations to assess what happens when shape-memory alloys are subjected to loading from strong motion. The researchers are using the model to analyze how shape-memory alloys in a variety of components — cables, bars, plates and helical springs — respond to different loading conditions. From that information, they can determine the optimal characteristics of the material for earthquake applications.
Built industry stakeholders who expect to take advantage of these kinds of advances need to understand and exploit the value of IPD and BIM.  Deploying advanced solutions in the real world requires careful and close coordination between creators, manufacturers, suppliers, transporters, owners, contractors, designers and others.  Those efforts, of course, benefit for IPD and BIM.

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