Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The State of IPD & BIM from the Owner's Perspective

Randy Deustch has published another good article.  Titled "The State of IPD & BIM:  an Owner's Perspective" the post includes Randy's interview with Clay Groser and Dawn Naney of Symphony, LLC.  Prior to starting Symphony Clay and Dawn served as owner's representatives for BJC Healthcare out of St. Louis.  The interview tackles IPD and BIM from the owner's perspective but does not explore the need to revamp the procurement process which seems to be a sticking point among the owners - especially public owners - with whom I have discussed IPD and BIM solutions over the past few years.  The insights provided by Clay and Dawn are valuable and interview, summarized on Randy's blog, is worth your time.

I've sent Randy a copy of my Wicked IPD Procurement article scheduled to be published in the March issue of AUGIWorld Magazine in the BUILT - BIM to FM section.  Let's all continue to advance the ball.

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