Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IPD Procurement Programs

Institutional owners interested in BIM enabled infrastructure and IPD & BIM Solutions generally would benefit from sponsoring an IPD & BIM Solutions Series and putting IPD Procurement Programs in place.  The concept of an IPD & BIM Solutions series is gaining traction in western Canada and something similar would work well in Ireland and the UK where the UK government's call for 2nd level BIM as a deliverable by 2016 has lit a fire under the industry.

If governmental entities in the US, the UK, Canada and Ireland - along with the national organizations representing architects, engineers, surveyors, general contractors, trade contractors and key suppliers in those countries - jointly announced an IPD & BIM Solutions Series, and shared the cost of underwriting fees and expenses private firms from all over the world would leap at the chance to sponsor and participate in the collaborative workshops associated with the series.

A combination of webinars followed by live workshops would reach the broadest audience and be the most effective.  Integrated teams need to learn to deliver IPD & BIM Solutions at the project level, like-minded firms in the industry need to learn to form effective strategic alliances pursuant to which they can deliver IPD & BIM Solutions and owners need to develop IPD Procurement Programs that enable them to procure BIM enabled infrastructure.  

Collaborative Construction has three programs designed to achieve those goals. The IPD in 3D Program supports integrated teams on specific projects, the BUILT Program supports those interested in strategic alliances that reach beyond a single project and the IPD Procurement Program helps institutional owners procure BIM enabled infrastructure from integrated BIM enabled teams capable of operating in an IPD environment.

An IPD & BIM Solutions Series that offered the built industry the opportunity to learn about and deploy those tools would benefit the industry as a whole and would be well attended, especially if sponsored by institutional owners - both public and private - and the national organizations that represent service providers in the built industry.

Anyone interested in putting such a series together should contact Collaborative Construction.

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