Friday, March 2, 2012

The Liberal Reaction to Andrew Brietbart's Death

The reaction of leading lights on the left in the Twitter world to the death of Andrew Brietbart are disgusting.  Its hard to have a conversation about how to deal with our problems when people act like this.  Sure, there are conservatives that say dumb things.  But the volume and vehemence of the hatred a vile commentary is really beyond the pale.

I comment, pretty regularly, on this blog about political issues that impact the built industry and you all know I have been following the gas / oil shale boom with great interest.  I generally avoid overtly political posts and readers and colleagues who have had the opportunity to discuss energy issues, global warming, the stimulus and other hot button issues that impact the built industry know that I am pretty reasonable guy and I try not to delve into the politics too much.  But again, the way these people reacted on Twitter is beyond the pale and they need to be exposed.

One of the reasons these people hated Andrew so much is he stood up to their bullying and was an outspoken critic of the double standards in the media.  A hallmark of Andrew's response to his critics was to retweet every nasty and vile thing they said to him.  He's dead now and he cannot do that.  But I can.  Take gander at what those who hate him had to say today.

As of 2:00 PM on the East Coast:
  • Cenk Uygur ‏ @cenkuygur It’s confirmed. Breitbart has passed away. Ironic legacy is that no one was sure because it was reported by his website.
  • @brodeep Andrew Breitbart was a cancer of society, a separatist, and above all, a fucking CANCER. Enjoy Hell, you bastard.
  • @silasgalactic Andrew Breitbart is the Paris Hilton of political journalism except he has no money, no talent, and no original ideas.
  • @Dakoda_1022 Andrew Breitbart died, age 43. Laying doubt to the saying ‘the good die young’
  • @twolf10 Who will ask romney if his church will now baptize Andrew Breitbart?
  • @BenFinfer What kind of god takes Andrew Breitbart but leaves Ann Coulter?
  • @darrenfiorello: Andrew Breitbart died? Is it wrong that I’m happier about that than when they got bin Laden and Saddam?
  • @shivabeach Andrew Breitbart poisoned himself to death with lies and deception. He did this just to get away from Shirley Sherrod.
  • @janxjue7 LOLing at the image of Andrew Breitbart arguing on Twitter then clutching his chest like Fred Sanfor9um5OM
  • @FakeJanBrewer Andrew Breitbart dead at 43, proudly with no health insurance! xo AZ Gov Jan Brewer
  • @peterfhart ABC on Breitbart: He “broke the ACORN child sex trafficking scandal.” NO SUCH THING. Fitting tribute to his “work”
  • @patrickhermann [dead but he was a dick] Andrew Breitbart
  • @cliffordNYC Andrew Breitbart is dead now. It’s not funny I guess, technically
  • @CM721F So, Andrew Breitbart is dead. Congratulations humans on ridding yourself of one of your more angry members.
  • @dkbilson How long will it take before Michelle Malkin accuses ACORN of murdering Andrew Breitbart?
  • @Knightscribe Youdon’tdie of natural causes at 43 unless you were caught in a fucking earthquake. Coke, or smothered by a gay escort
  • @ChicoDelainky I thought I was going to have a good morning, it’s turning out to be a great morning;The sky is blue, & hatemonger #AndrewBreitbart is dead.
  • @BlackArcturus So apparantly #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Now who is going to randomly psychotically scream at #OWS supporters? #TooSoon?
  • @RenSaiyuri #AndrewBreitbart, I strongly suggest you stfu before you end up with your undercover lover, #JamesOKeefe, in jail.
  • @orgchaosmedia The Christian in me wants to conjure up some type of sympathy 4 #AndrewBreitbart & his family. Sorry, I just can’t.
  • @jaberard The world is a better place without #AndrewBreitbart Karma always levels the field.
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart I normally don’t celebrate when someone dies but in this case I’ll make an exception. 1 douche down about 100 million to go
  • @YhwhX “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Happy National Breitbart Day [#p2 #AndrewBreitbart]
  • @Elexcinta #AndrewBreitbart dead unexpectantly at 43 yrs old!!! What!! God bless his family, for he was a racist sumn sumn.
  • #andrewbreitbart @anghellik9 And nothing of value was lost.
  • @MaryMacElveen Bad Karma begets bad Karma. #AndrewBreitbart what mud you slung in life, came back to you ten-fold. You could have been a force for good.
  • @DeAnnaMisrahi i wouldn’t be surprised if this was some kind of publicity stunt by andrew breitbart. he’s that skeevy. #andrewbreitbart
  • @KCMJournalist So long, #AndrewBreitbart. Let’s hope there are a few conservatives to protect you in the special hell you’re now…
  • @BloggerNewsNet#AndrewBreitbart is dead? Oh well. Honestly, not a big loss for the world. The man was scum.”
  • @thejamestripp: “Is it wrong to click ‘Like’ when you read about the death of #AndrewBreitbart on#facebook?””
  • @BillHicksHero#AndrewBreitbart I hope wh ‏en they do the autopsy they find cocaine and AIDS in is system. No one dies of natural causes @ 43.
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart Ding Dong The Douche Is Dead. The Wicked Douche Is Dead. Whoop! Whoop! Maybe Westboro Baptist Church can picket funeral.
  • @ChicoDelainky Oh! Here comes my Happy Feet. #AndrewBreitbart is dead, HOORAY! #AndrewBreitbart is dead, HOORAY! #AndrewBreitbart is dead, HOORAY!
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart 43, died unexpectedly from natural causes. That’s weird, I didn’t know you could die of being a douche fuck.
  • @Milmore #AndrewBreitbart waited until black history month ended before overdosing. He hated black history month…
  • #AndrewBreitbart @CelticAngloPres Jewish American Times writer dies,one less anti-white Jewish supremacist/Israel Firster Worlds a better place for the West
  • @Babycheezits we “lost” #andrewbreitbart, which dumbass is next?
  • @DwayneJohn1978 Hope he died in terrible pain. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @BillHicksHero Dead. Finally the first feel good story of 2012. Now maybe his wife can get some big black Obama cock she’s always craved.
  • @coughlan616: Apparently OD’ing on coke whilst bumming a 14 year old Nigerian rent boy is “natural causes” #AndrewBreitbart
  • @DannyRay Angry is just angry. Game Over dude! #AndrewBreitbart
  • @DwayneJohn1978#AndrewBreitbart is dead. Good, one less dishonest dick. #toosoon? Fuck that racist cunt. Hope he died in terrible pain
  • @Mad_Ryan #AndrewBreitbart is dead huh? While I certainly feel for his family, I can’t help but thinking karma really is a bitch.
  • @jneproductions you don’t advocate for the deaths of millions like scum did. The world is a better place today. #AndrewBreitbart #goodriddance
  • @haikubituaries I chose not to use / “Burn in Hell, motherfucker” / As a middle line • #YoureWelcome #AndrewBreitbart
  • @evanmoody It’s days like this I wish I believed in Hell. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky #AndrewBreitbart’s Eulogy: He was a racist asshole.
  • @persuacussion When a person breathes fire,they should expect reciprocation. #andrewbreitbart
  • @jneproductions my name is Jorin Efstathiou. I am ecstatic that he is dead. Scum of the lowest on the planet. #goodriddance #AndrewBreitbart
  • @funnykeithlyle What #AndrewBreitbart did to Shirley Sherrod will surely get him into hell. He died at 43 of natural causes. That’s suspicious
  • @Damascus_Steele: I didn’t realize that karma was considered a natural cause of death.#AndrewBreitbart
  • @BillHicksHero#AndrewBreitbart Awesome news. Now if we can just get Ann (cont)
  • @ScottQuenette at least the world got a little less awful today #AndrewBreitbart
  • @InnerPartisan It’s common decency not to celebrate the death of anyone. But we all have our dark side – so good riddance, douchebag! #AndrewBreitbart
  • @Dr_Truly_Evil So…I couldn’t have been the only one who smiled when I saw the headline….#AndrewBreitbart
  • @Jslip929 Goodbye #AndrewBreitbart you were truly a #doucebag just like @EricCantor @ThadMcCotter @THEHermainCain @farenthold @RickPerry & @MittRomney
  • @swellgalmary I try not to be happy when someone dies but there are times when I find myself whistling a happy tune #andrewbreitbart
  • @The_Johnny I won’t wish ppl dead but I also won’t pretend to feel sorry when an intolerant, hate mongering dick like #AndrewBreitbart checks out. #p2
  • @JGibsonDem Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012 . May he rot in hell! /@TPM #andrewbreitbart #p2 #topprog #ripandrewbreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky The hate #AndrewBreitbart was carrying finally killed him. My condolences goes out to the person who had to give him Mouth-to-Mouth. Yuk!
  • @roccaworld #andrewbreitbart I guess God couldn’t take it anymore and decided to shut him the fuck up! Condolences to his family.
  • From’s Matt Yglesias: @mattyglesias Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.
  • @mattyglesias If you think @AndrewBrietbart‘s opponents shouldn’t be glad he’s dead, you’re not taking his life’s work seriously.
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart I can’t believe how crazy the right wing nuts are over this Andrew business.You guys will really go nuts when Limbaugh dies
  • @texad Wow. Right wing conservative/bigot/character destroyer #AndrewBreitbart dead at 43.
  • @mmboucher8 #andrewbreitbart Remember your tweets when our beloved Ted Kennedy died? Read them they apply to u U piece of shit.
  • @KCMJournalist #AndrewBreitbart was a stain on the profession of journalism, a man who made a name for himself by distorting…
  • @LeeringMaligner Who’s gonna fight fake racism in the agriculture department, or make sure non-profits don’t help fake pimps? #andrewbreitbart
  • @Arturo_Ulises “Cocaine is a hell of a drug!” – #AndrewBreitbart’s last words.
  • @Snoozer6645 I should probably feel bad that #AndrewBreitbart croaked. But I don’t.
  • @IsaiahLCarter #AndrewBreitbart was a man who told lies and ruined lives for political and financial profit. He was a man with neither integrity or class.
  • @jsmack710 @GGoddessVV – lets not forget #andrewbreitbart owned a rape van #rip #tcot
  • @_RobertaSparrow #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Good, fuck him.
  • @BettyBowers As if Hell wasn’t unpleasant enough! #AndrewBreitbart
  • @Real_People Eulogy: #AndrewBreitbart his short time on earth made America worse. Rest In Pieces
  • @INKTUP I just read #AndrewBreitbart was adopted .that explains a lot. As an adult adoptee myself we are a fucked up bunch. Fuck him anyway
  • @PissdOffDem Since when is autoerotic asphyxiation while blowing a homeless guy considered natural causes? #AndrewBreitbart #RotInHell
  • @web_rant #AndrewBreitbart dead at 43. Interesting that multiple confirmations must be used in his death notice as truth was never his strong suit.
  • @PissdOffDem “@ea32da32: #AndrewBreitbart very sad day for us that really liked Andrew.” yeah … all six of you.
  • @PissdOffDem Today Andrew Breitbart finally did one thing to make the world a better place. #AndrewBreitbart #DingDongTheBitchIsDead
  • @BettyBowers While technically true, I think calling Jesus’ wrath “natural causes” is a coy euphemism. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky: Yes, #AndrewBreitbart had a wife & 4 kids, but that didn’t stop him from spewing hateful rhetoric, so, burn in Hell, ass!
  • @ChicoDelainky I’m an Atheist. If there is a Satan, I would like to thank him for taking #AndrewBreitbart out of our lives.
  • @Bruce_Garrett “Death only closes a man’s reputation and determines it as good or bad.” You blew it #AndrewBreitbart
  • @Beatles0223 Why should a villain be elevated to special status because he croaked? Satan’s waiting for you, #AndrewBreitbart. U made the world uglier.
  • @NatefromUSA “BossCare” goes down in the Senate AND #AndrewBreitbart is dead. #news #p2
  • @NatefromUSA So…. does this mean #ows and go back to “raping the people”?? lol #AndrewBreitbart #AndrewBreitbartIsDead #p2 #news #politics
  • @AsaArmin Nothing any1 on the left can say can ever be as hateful as the venom #AndrewBreitbart spat on a regular basis in his routine hate speeches
  • @RJStockton #AndrewBreitbart died as he lived. . . With a bad heart.
  • @panboz #AndrewBreitbart was a hateful bully. The only reasonable thing to wish for him is justice. He took a giant step towards that this morning
  • @TheDailyScrew #OccupyHell you piece of shit. #AndrewBreitbart #OWS
  • @The_WSE #AndrewBreitbart Good riddance.
  • @nkvickers Thanks for erecting two of the most bullshit news propaganda sites in history! #andrewbreitbart #whatalegacy
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart I had a lot fun today. For those who left negative replies I hope your mothers get raped by a gang of syphilitic Mexicans.
  • @mike_aday #andrewbreitbart will NOT be missed. The world doesn’t need more people spewing hatred and lies.
  • @Milmore “@SlashMorgath: #AndrewBreitbart was unprincipaled scum. We are better off without him. (Waves bye-bye and good riddance)”
  • @RJStockton To folks mad about neg. tweets re #AndrewBreitbart, consider: We’re mean to him bc he was a dishonorable pig. Hope that clears things up!
  • @ehhjeep #ShirelySherrod you are safe now from the evil #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky I’ll admit it, at times like this, I wish I wasn’t an Atheist & believed #AndrewBreitbart was getting some punishment for his bigotry.
  • @Milmore “@ghosting13: fuck #AndrewBreitbart i am glad you are dead.”
  • @InfoshopDotOrg Good Riddance: Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012 #andrewbreitbart #uspolitics #deadscumbags
  • @shananigins15 I feel a bit of sympathy for #AndrewBreitbart’s wife and kids….and for Satan who is now stuck with him in Hell for eternity. #p2
  • @RJStockton I’ve read that #AndrewBreitbart was the father of 4. #JosefGoebbles had 6!
  • @DammitWeber: Let’s all remember what #AndrewBreitbart was really about; he was an awful…
  • @Quiteinsane #AndrewBreitbart.God rest his soul..died of natural causes..I am surprised #RushLimbaugh is still alive..hate lies and deceit can kill YOU
  • @AmericanTee While we send condolences to the family of #AndrewBreitbart we have every hope he’ll be reincarnated as Snooki’s baby. #karma
  • @Tony_Cooke #AndrewBreitbart Karma is a bitch… LOVE EVERYONE….
  • @whitt_ashley #AndrewBreitbart Some people are just hateful and wouldn’t we all like to think that they get what they deserve.
  • @weskos: “You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good.#AndrewBreitbart is dead. Good.””
  • @realtalkforyou Because your “Fearless” and “Passionate” doesn’t mean your not also a self important lying blowhard #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky “Hell is a bad enough place, now I have to deal with #AndrewBreitbart. Thanks for nothing, God”~ Satan
  • @DaisyDeadhead @Snarky_Basterd Is that why you liked the hate-filled bigot so much? Well, I guess *that* makes sense. (not) #AndrewBreitbart
  • @DaisyDeadhead @nycconservative Cokeheads who abandon their wives and children and spread bigotry are the real evil ones, doncha think? #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky America truly lost an asshole. I’m sure Satan will treat him good. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @shananigins15 #AndrewBreitbart spent his life attacking the rights of women, LGBT, colored people, & Obama’s birth certificate…Satan is so ashamed. #p2
  • @ChicoDelainky I’m an Atheist. If there is a Satan, I would like to thank him for taking #AndrewBreitbartout of our lives.”
  • @BettyBowers People who die at 43 probably shouldn’t have made their raison d’être limiting healthcare. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @JimDMaynard #andrewbreitbart was a lying, neo-fascist right-wing hypocrite, he trashed Ted Kennedy when he died, same to you!
  • @DaisyDeadhead @ReaganRules2 Reagan was an adulterer too. Do you people read the Bible you *claim* to believe in? #AndrewBreitbart is in hell.
  • @DaisyDeadhead #AndrewBreitbart shows his deranged, drunken cokehead ass to the world, then he dies. Interesting timing.
  • @JoeLewisdixon Why do Republicans grieve? Doesn’t your good buddy Jesus & Daddy Reagan meet you folks on the other side when you die? #AndrewBreitbart
  • @shananigins15 Conservatives who are outraged at my Tweets about #AndrewBreitbart – give me a break…I’m only truthfully eulogizing him. Settle down. ;)
  • @shananigins15 Like I said before. I have sympathy for #AndrewBreitbart’s wife & kids. I have zero sympathy for him. He spent his life spreading hate. #p2
  • @theshaunnavarro @Freedomwarrior Douche Drops dead #andrewbreitbart
  • @AntiGlib #AndrewBreitbart is dead? Meh. Let’s see the death certificate. Then the corpse, so we can piss on it. #FuckThatGuy #LyingSackOShit
  • @TheWubster #AndrewBreitbart was a hateful bigot. I feel bad for his wife and kids.
  • @TheDailyScrew BREAKING NEWS! #Breitbart #AndrewBreitbart joins #OccupyHell. Unable to tweet. #TimeWarnerCable scheduled between 12pm and eternity #OWS
  • @JillHohnstein #AndrewBreitbart was a lying fuckwad, to be sure, but celebrating his death is inelegant. Cut it out.
  • @Dead_Peasant #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Proof that it’s not only the good that die young.
  • @jbrady77 #AndrewBreitbart Closest evr came 2 meeting him was at #WICapitol. Warming up for #sniperspice he yelled at us #gotohell. U first I guess.
  • @INKTUP Hey #andrewbreitbart when you get finished with orientation in hell do me a favor and say hi to my dad for me
  • @ToddPiken @KurtSchlichter If by warrior you mean bigot and liar, than you are correct #AndrewBreitbart
  • @TROYBROWNTV Not worth protesting @shananigins15 If there was ever a funeral that Westboro Baptist Church should protest at it’s #AndrewBreitbart #p2
  • @Stephenhonest @AndrewBreitbart True story- The world recieved a gift today!
  • @TweetsWithJesus @JamesOKeefeIII Like you never edited and hid the full video you POS. God struck @AndrewBreitbart down, you might be next
  • @TerryHunter When somebody dies, people often say, “He’s in a better place.” #Nobody is saying that about @AndrewBreitbart. #JustSaying #ItNeededToBeSaid
  • @JAE34 RT “@lawscribe: It has come around: RT @AndrewBreitbart: Rest in Chappaquiddick”\\Only their *Eternities* will be in 2 VERY DIFFERENT places
  • @EGrafenberg KARMA! ISN’T IT A BITCH.@andrewbreitbart @michellemalkin @danaloesch
  • @dwsNY @nigelcameron @dcseth @seanhackbarth @AndrewBreitbart can we toast him as an evil pile of shit? It’s what he’d want.

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