Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alberta Center for Excellence in BIM launched

The Alberta Center for Excellence in BIM has been incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Alberta.  Given the stellar make up of the board and the vision detailed below I anticipate the entity will quickly become a driver behind the intelligent and effective adoption of IPD, BIM and lean processes in western Canada.

Collaborative Construction is currently negotiating with several sponsors relative to an IPD &BIM Solutions Series in Canada that will provide hands on collaborative workshops for supporters of IPD, BIM and lean processes. The IPD / BIM train has left the station in western Canada and any laggards would be well advised to catch up and catch up quickly!

Below is an excerpt from what appears to be the aceBIM group's initial press release.

Alberta understands the happy marriage between productivity and competitiveness – and the new Alberta Centre of Excellence for Building Information Modeling (aceBIM) is all about increasing productivity throughout the province's construction industry.

Klaas Rodenburg, aceBIM Chief Executive Officer as well as Sustainable Design Coordinator for Stantec, says aceBIM will fulfil a pivotal role in increasing productivity and efficiency at all levels of the industry.

The construction industry is one of the largest contributors to the provincial economy, accounting for about 35 per cent of capital investment according to Construction Alberta Magazine. The industry, however, is not operating anywhere near peak efficiency.

And so the task for aceBIM is clear – improve productivity and precision in all stages of construction by developing widespread understanding of the technologies and tools available through BIM and getting the industry to use the available tools.  

Read the whole thing.

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