Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Energy 2.0 is... Oil & Gas?

No there's an oil boom in Kansas.

The familiar signs of an oil boom are everywhere: restaurants busier than ever, rental prices shooting up, hotels booked solid. Kansas has more undrilled acreage than most states. Each horizontal well costs about $3 million and is expected to deliver a 90 percent return on investment, paying for itself after 18 months of production. High oil prices are an extra impetus to drill, baby, drill — and to keep the new jobs sprouting from the Kansas ground. The boom “is going to change things forever in this part of the world,” says one local prospector.
Any economic boom, especially one involving oil and gas, changes the communities in which the boom occurs.  It would be great if communities impacted by these booms would invest in new generation infrastructure and planning while the boom is underway.  We shall see.

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