Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Facilities Management & BIM?

Brics-Net and Onuma joined forces to demonstrate two way information exchange between the Onuma Planning System - a valuable BIM software tool - and Brics-Net's FM software tools. The bi-directional exchange demonstrated in the presentation below is pretty cool.

The technology and software tools continue to mature.  The need to form, train, and deploy integrated teams is more important than ever.

Institutional owners are beginning to clue into the value of the "Googlizing" information related to their facilities through tools like these.  It's time.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!
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Mrs Lana said...

great tool! it is time indeed

Structural calculations said...

This is very uniquely written information. You must think like me or I you because our like views are very close. It's a little scary.

James L. Salmon said...

It is a little scary. Looks like we will all be a part of the Matrix soon heh?

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