Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Green Buildings = Benjamin Green!

The blog post excerpted and linked below references a new study demonstrating LEED certified bank branches generate more revenue and save the owner significant sums, per employee, on utility / energy costs.  Download / print a copy of the study to share with skeptical owners who ask whether LEED certification really adds value.

Keep in mind, also, that a design / construction team's ability to achieve LEED certification on a facility at a cost effective price is greatly enhanced if the team is BIM enabled and is further enhanced if the team is fully integrated.  I will add arguments based off this study to my ROI to the X power of IPD & BIM Solutions presentation.

In the study, called "The Relationship Between Corporate Sustainability and Firm Financial Performance," Conlon and Glavas found that:
  • PNC’s LEED rated facilities opened 458 more consumer deposit accounts and had over $3 million more in consumer deposit balances per facility per year over noncertified properties.
  • LEED rated facilities also opened 25 more consumer loan accounts and had almost $1 million more in loan balances per facility per year. The data also shows that financial performance at LEED rated facilities increased at a greater rate than at conventional facilities.
  • After controlling for other variables that influence performance (such as consumer net worth, employee demographics, market demographics, branch size and age and advertising spending), the sales at LEED-certified branches topped those at noncertified locations by $461,300 per employee.
  • Utility costs per employee in LEED branches were significantly lower than in the noncertified buildings, to the tune of $675 less per employee.
Also very interesting is what the study didn't find: Business account activity was statistically unaffected by whether the branch was LEED certified or not.

Read the whole thing.

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