Monday, April 23, 2012

Revolution comes to the law

The lament that outsourcing drives blue collar jobs over seas has always struck me as short sighted.  Globalization impacts every aspect of the economy, including the delivery of professional services.  Designers, construction managers and similarly situated providers of professional services in the built industry feel the pinch from global competition as well.  The impact of globalization extends far beyond the blue collar manufacturing world.

For example, it is becoming easier and easier to deliver professional services without all the overhead associated with the trappings of a fancy office, staff and infrastructure in New York, LA, London, Hong Kong or Paris.  The article linked below is a reminder that the legal profession, the the law school model that produces young lawyers, is no more immune to the tectonic shifts the global economy is undergoing than other professions.

As an advocate on IPD, BIM and lean processes I would remind readers of the value of retaining the capacity, right and willingness to adjust your own legal relationships within the four corners of the legal agreements you craft, negotiate, execute and implement as an integrated team.  The lawyers, accountants, lenders, insurers, sureties, risk managers, and others will insist every member of the team hire its own cadre of professional advisers, but there is a better option.

Join forces and hire a collaborative consultant to help the entire integrated team craft a path to success for the project as a whole.  Hire consultants, as necessary, to address issues specific to your teams concerns and your project.  Sharing the cost of the foregoing efforts will enable the team to reduce costs and, more importantly, will result in a legal framework that works for the team and for the project as a whole, rather than one that the vested interests of the professionals delivering the services.

The Death Spiral of Big Law and the Law Schools

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!
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