Monday, April 9, 2012

A Scanning Epiphany

Gene Roe, who blogs over at Lidar News and covers all kinds of interesting developments on the scanning front, has a blog post up describing a conversation he had with Karl Matthews, VP of Product Management at Geomagic in which Karl explained the difference between object centric scanning an scene centric scanning.  The post clarifies a similar conundrum that has been rattling around in my head undefined.

Thanks Gene and Karl for sharing.  Things are advancing nicely on every front when it comes to IPD, BIM and lean processes.  Scanning tools are critical to assessment efforts as well as documenting existing conditions.  I'd like to see institutional owners including a basic scanning requirement on all projects in the very near future.  Pouring that scanned data into your BIM bucket early, and mandating deliver and hand of of fully functional digital assets from design discipline to design discipline and trade contractor to trade contractor, are critical to the development of a robust and useful BIM deliverable in the contract setting.

Scene vs. Object Based Scanning

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