Monday, April 23, 2012

A Third Industrial Revolution?

Readers of this blog are more keenly aware of the revolution that is upon than most, but the article linked below really drives the scope, nature and depth of the revolution home.  The Economist article excerpted and linked below, which describes the Information Age as a Third Industrial Revolution is a very interesting read.  An AUGIWorld article I authored, dealing with Wicked Education issues relative to IPD, BIM and lean processes touches on how we define the emerging global economy.  There I used the terms Knowledge Economy and Knowledge-Based Economy.  Regardless of labels, there is a revolution upon us.

Everything in the factories of the future will be run by smarter software. Digitisation in manufacturing will have a disruptive effect every bit as big as in other industries that have gone digital, such as office equipment, telecoms, photography, music, publishing and films. And the effects will not be confined to large manufacturers; indeed, they will need to watch out because much of what is coming will empower small and medium-sized firms and individual entrepreneurs. Launching novel products will become easier and cheaper. Communities offering 3D printing and other production services that are a bit like Facebook are already forming online—a new phenomenon which might be called social manufacturing.

Third Industrial Revolution - Full Article

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