Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BIM & IPD in Mining? Women say yes!

The mining industry, like the oil & gas industry, is well positioned to take advantage of IPD, BIM and lean processes that increase efficiency and productivity.  As an industry traditionally dominated by men, the growing number of women in the industry is an interesting phenomenon.  The article linked below addresses the issue in a bit more detail.

Women making strides in mining.

On a more personal level, I know several women in the IPD / BIM and lean arena who are shaking things up themselves.  Two of them, Rhonda Bulmer and Shannon Corgan are involved, directly, with BIM oriented software providers who service the mining industry.

Kelly Luttrell, who serves as Vice President of Business Development at ConXtech.

Rhonda Bulmer, who heads BIM Business Solutions and North American Sales for Micromine.

Geraldine Rayner, Director at Summit BIM Consultants in Vancouver.

Shannon Corgan who leads Channel Marketing at Hard Dollar out of Phoenix.

My apologies to the hundreds of other accomplished women who are doing great things to advance the use of IPD, BIM and lean processes, but it would take days to draft a blog post listing them all!  Rest assured, I know who you are and will reach out to you when the opportunity arises.

Meanwhile, think about the role these women are playing in bringing collaborative and integrated philosophies to bear on hide bound policies in the built industry.  And let's all work together to encourage the use of IPD, BIM and lean processes on future projects!

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