Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Boom in Williston ND

Williston, North Dakota is a community centrally located in the Bakken Shale formation.  The boom they are experiencing is tremendous and can be repeated around the country if the government - especially the federal government - can resist the urge to strangle innovation.

The image linked below provides a nice primer regarding the physical set up used to drill a shale oil or gas well and the process involved in fracking the well.  As with all industrial operations oil & gas exploration is dangerous, dirty, impacts the environment and has the potential to badly damage the environment.  With appropriate regulation and oversight such risks can be mitigated and the benefits of cheap and abundant energy resources far out weigh those risks so mitigated.

The video below includes interviews with local residents and leaders in Williston.  This is what success looks like!  Again, as I've said repeatedly, advocates of IPD, BIM and lean processes and sustainable development need to work with the oil and gas industry to increase efficiency and limit the environmental impact of these operations.  Green energy solutions are important but they are simply not ready for prime time.  And the BILLIONS of people scrambling up out of poverty around the globe a NOT going to pay premium to be green.  They need to be empowered to utilize fossil fuels efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

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