Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ConXtech's Modular Pipe Rack Rocks!

You want to see IPD, BIM and lean processes all rolled into one?  Take a look at ConxTech the video below detailing ConXTech's Modular Pipe Rack.

The folks at ConxTech are delivering outstanding IPD / BIM and lean based solutions to the oil & gas industry.  They can do it in other sectors of the built industry as well.  The patented collar system ConXtech utilizes is very slick.

And they are doing it California!  Wow.  Just wow.  The entire operation reminds me of Hank Reardon's steel company in Atlas Shrugged.

ConXtech's Website

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Flowrack Cutting said...

A Pipe racking system is the main artery of a process unit. Pipe racks carry process and utility piping and may also include instrument and cable trays as well as equipment mounted over all of these.

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