Thursday, June 14, 2012

Integrated Open Source IT as an Ecosystem

Finith Jernigan, who has thought longer and harder about IPD, BIM and lean processes in the context of the built industry than most, shared the article excerpted and linked below.  It is a very interesting read.

The take away, from my perspective, is to note the author is describing a revolution in the IT service world not unlike the IPD, BIM and lean process oriented revolution needed in the built industry.  My vision for Collaborative BIM Advocates - the group I founded on LinkedIn - was to be in a position to form integrated BIM enabled teams anywhere in the world capable of coming together to deliver BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure.  Sounds a lot like what the author of the article below is arguing for in the IT realm.

Can the built industry catch up?  Let's hope so.

The ideal delivery platform for this ecosystem is a data center provider who can create an environment that supports the needs of enterprise computing, while also lowering the costs and barriers to entry for ecosystem partners. This is an environment that removes all your risks associated with disaster avoidance, regulatory concerns, capacity and security. That location should have access to national freeways and airports as well as local government support that will help facilitate worker relocation and education, while also providing considerations for your hardware taxation risks. 
It’s tough to find one place where all the above are available to the customer, but they are out there. Having these resources readily available is like having a Home Depot and a Lowes move in next to your house the day before you start a big home project. No matter what tool or resource you need, it’s all right there, immediately available, with competition, quantity and variety.

What's your IT Ecosystem Like?

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