Friday, June 1, 2012

Regulation: A Significant Pain Point in Business

Permitting and regulations represent two significant pain points for modern business.  In the built industry these processes represent substantial barriers to efficiency and productivity.  From my perspective government has simply become too large and meddles in affairs it does not understand leading the the rise of new problems unforeseen by the original regulators.  This, in turn, leads to more regulation, more delays and higher barriers to success.

Re-thinking this destructive paradigm benefits governmental entities that produce these rules and the citizens they serve.  Collaborative Construction's Integrated Procurement Program provides owners - public and private - with a vehicle through which many rules and regulations associated with the planning, design and procurement of  BIM enabled infrastructure can take place.

The article excerpted and linked below provides general insights into the destructive and costly nature of most many regulations.

Consider for a moment, the magnitude of the regulatory machine in Washington. In 2005, an SBA-commissioned report put the cost of regulatory compliance at $1.1 trillion and more recent estimates are closer to $1.75 trillion. And it’s no secret that the regulatory burden falls almost squarely on the shoulders of those who struggle the most to turn a profit—the small-business sector. Based on the 2005 report, firms with fewer than 20 employees pay over $7,000 per employee each year just to comply with the rules on the books, and the number of rules—and their associated costs—have skyrocketed since then.

Regulations:  The Hidden Tax on Capital and Growth

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