Monday, July 30, 2012

Electric Grid Crashes in India

People are suffering the sweltering heat with no electricity in Northern India as a result of the grid crashing.  Many parts of the US will experience similar failures if  fail and refuse to build new generation power plants.  The new EPA regulations that make it unprofitable to run a coal fired power plant - as President Obama promised when he was running for office - combined with the oil & gas industry's successful tapping of shale gas reserves all over the country indicate natural gas fired power plants are likely our best option.

In India they have vast coal reserves and coal would be the most economical choice, but India has had a hard time attracting firms willing to build such plants.  I'd like to know why India has been unable to build enough new power plants to keep up with economic growth and what the country plans to do to avoid similar crashes in the future.

The AP article is linked below.  This event highlights the importance of the earlier post about King Coal and shines a spotlight on the situation in India.  Any readers with insights are encouraged to chime in in the comments section or email me directly.

370 Million Indians Swelter

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EZInvoiceFactoring said...

Thanks for shedding some light and giving coverage to this issue! I get the notion that unfortunately, India's dire problem has been greatly overshadowed by the Olympic games.

Nick Morales said...

India is the second most populated country in the world. That being said I can see why they might have some issues with their electricity. I would also assume that they have the resources to take care of the problem. Coal, gas....just get it taken care of. I know they're capable.

Anonymous said...

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