Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Microgrids are working

Microgids are a really important piece of the sustainability.


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Michael Bordenaro said...

James, It is good that you bring this to the attention of the building industry. Microgrid creation can help prevent black outs by providing load information that can shift according to mission critical criteria.

And since microgrids are important, virtual microgrids can help us "see" what happens with our energy use.

A team is working with the City of Carlsbad, CA to help aggregate all city facilities into a single, virtual microgrid. The initial benefit is bill reduction through accounting aggregation. But once the virtual microgrid is established in what we call a Real Time Building Census, it can be used for almost anything from reserving meeting rooms in the library to calculating Greenhouse Gas reductions through improved energy management.

Thanks for bringing attention to this important topic, Mike