Monday, July 30, 2012

The Energy Revolution ... Professor Mead

Professor Mead provides excellent insights into the energy revolution now underway.  This column fits nicely as a follow on to the King Coal post from yesterday and the piece linked to earlier today on the grid crash and blackout in Northern India.

Here's a great quote to whet your appetite.  You will definitely want to read the whole thing.

In other words, a newly oil rich United States is going to fight even harder against global green carbon policies, and the new discoveries will tilt the American political system even farther in the direction of capitalist oil companies. 
Capitalism is not, Monbiot is forced to admit, a fragile system that will easily be replaced. Bolstered by huge supplies of oil, it is here to stay. Industrial civilization is, as far as he can now see, unstoppable. Gaia, that treacherous slut, has made so much oil and gas that her faithful acolytes today cannot protect her from the consequences of her own folly. 
Welcome to the New Green Doom: an overabundance of oil and gas is going to release so much greenhouse gas that the world is going to fry. The exploitation of the oil sands in Alberta, warn leading environmentalists, is a tipping point. 

The Energy Revolution

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