Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BIM Workshops Scheduled with CITA in Ireland

James L. Salmon, Esq. will be presenting at the 9th CITA BIM Workshop in Dublin, Ireland on October 24, 2012.  The presentation, titled "Contractual Implications in Use of BIM in Construction" is a morning event loosely formatted around Collaborative Construction's (BUILT)X Solutions program.  That afternoon, interested parties will continue the conversation, addressing BIM Implementation in Ireland from a broader perspective.

Readers in Ireland and the UK are invited to attend.  For more information and to register you can following this LINK.  Others interested in scheduling a similar presentation for built industry stakeholders in your region should contact James directly.

The (BUILT)X Solutions Presentation benefits:
  • Finance, Insurance & Surety Service Providers
  • Construction Management Professionals
  • Business Development Managers
  • Entrepreneurs in Construction
  • Construction Consultants
  • Owners Representatives
  • Design Professionals
  • General Contractors
  • Design Consultants
  • Software Providers
  • Trade Contractors
  • Suppliers & more
The main workshop will cover:

Integrated Legal Frameworks Related to:
  • The scope & cost of inefficiency globally
  • IPD in 3DTM its basic legal structure
  • BIM addenda and legal issues related thereto
  • Lean construction tools & processes
  • (BUILT)X Solutions to complex problems
  • Support for (BUILT)X Enterprises
  • Strategic Alliances in a (BUILT)X environment
Sponsored workshops delve into sector specific questions

Sponsored Workshops Scheduled for October 22, 23 and 24th will cover the following topics:

OPW - BIM for Owners IPP, IPD & IOM
SCSI - BIM for Estimators & Schedulers
LSI - The Legal Framework for BIM
RIAI – BIM Implementation in Ireland (Wednesday Afternoon)
CIF – BIM for Construction Managers
ACEI – BIM Model Coordination
CIBSE – BIM for Building Service Engineers

Discussion of integrated legal solutions will touch on:
  • Planning – From environmental assessments to facilities operations & maintenance
  • Finance – Land and construction loans, bridge loans, and permanent financing
  • Insurance – Integrated teams, dispute / allocation clauses, tail coverage etc.
  • Design – Facilities, infrastructure and functional digital assets
  • Bonds – Performance bonds, contract bonds, etc.
  • Construction – Facilities, infrastructure and an effective IT backbone
  • Operations – Use of functional digital assets to enhance operational efficiency
  • Maintenance – Reduce costs and increase efficiency with integrated BIM
  • Integrated Teams – Forming BIM enabled firms to operate in a lean IPD environment
Collaborative Workshop Format
  • Lecture to introduce concepts & skills
  • Hands on collaborative exercises to test skills
  • Sharing results of collaborative exercises
  • Question and answer session with presenter
  • Networking with like-minded professionals
Private Workshops Available in October as well

Collaborative Construction will be available for private consulting engagements in Ireland & the UK on October 25 & October 26, and possibly the following week. Entities interested in scheduling a workshop tailored to their clients needs should contact James L. Salmon at the phone / email listed below or via Skype at JameswithCCR

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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