Sunday, September 2, 2012

Collaborative Workshops Available

Collaborative Construction has events scheduled in Ireland in October and will likely be presenting in Canada that month as well.  The Ireland event, sponsored by the Construction IT Alliance out of Dublin, is scheduled for the week of October 22 while the workshops in Canada are likely to take place in October and November and over the winter.

Readers are encouraged to reach out to Collaborative Construction for information about those events and to schedule your own workshops.

As many readers know Collaborative Construction offers a series of collaborative workshops related to IPD, BIM and lean processes. The list below reflects a few of the topics Collaborative Construction can cover in those workshops. Typical workshops run a full day with a morning lecture and an afternoon of interactive team building exercises. Abbreviated versions of the collaborative workshop presentations listed below were presented online last year as part of the IPD Round Table series and many of the topics are now being explored in detail in the BUILT - BIM to FM section of the AUGIWorld Magazine each month.
If you or any of your collaborative partners are interested in having Collaborative Construction provide in-house training on the topics listed below or if you are interested in forming an integrated team or a strategic alliance of collaborative partners capable of delivering a particular scope of work on a specific project in an integrated environment please call. Meanwhile, please share information about Collaborative Construction's ability to provide these collaborative workshops with you colleagues.

Level 1 Seminars & Workshops
Introductory Session - What are the moving parts of IPD, BIM and Lean

Integrated Agreements - What they are and how they work

Project Delivery Models - What delivery models are most common and what works

Trust Based Team Building - How to build effective integrated teams

Strategic Alliance Contracts - What are they and how do they work

ROI on IPD, BIM and Lean - If you aren't measuring it how can you manage it?

Dispute Resolution - Adjust legal relationships outside the court room

Collaborative Insurance - Mitigating and managing risk effectively

IPD Incentive Programs - Reward collaborative & cooperative behavior

Joining Agreements - Bringing suppliers, consultants and trade contractors on board

Collaborative Workshops - What integrated teams and owners need to know

IPD, BIM and Lean Consultants - What are the relevant skill sets?

Level 2 Seminars & Workshops
Introductory Session – Why Functional Digital Assets Matter

What Owners Want – Decisions Accessing Valuable & Informative Data Systems

Return on Innovation – What does IPD, BIM and lean really give owners?

Owners Want it All – What kind of RFPs and RFQs help them get it all?

Integrated Teams – How does an owner form and train integrated teams?

Trust Based Relationships – Why do they matter and how do I build them?

Laddered ADR – What it is, how it works and why it matters

Cluster Teams – Integrating an entire scope of work

Strategic Alliances – Forming integrated teams to pursue traditional work

Readers in Ireland, the UK and Canada who are interested in scheduling a collaborative workshop for the fall should call right away.  Events are being scheduled on a first come basis.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!
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Georgina said...

The event would be that interesting. In the Level 1 Session, I want the Collaborative Workshops about What integrated teams and owners need to know. In this, you will give the clients/owners the best construction they want.