Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IPD BIM & Lean Require Change - Make the Change Last

Integrated project delivery (IPD), Building Information Modeling, aka Business Information Modelling (BIM)X and lean processes involve innovative new business models and business processes that require organizations and individuals to change.  Change is hard.  Accordingly, entities and individuals that adopt, adapt and deploy IPD, BIM and lean business processes often struggle with change.  When that happens change management gurus offer a "helping hand".

Successful implementation of change is rare.  Change management studies indicate that change programs succeed, on average, only about 18-20% of the time.  Utilization of sophisticated and expensive change management programs and protocols raises the success rate to 35-40%.  

Stated in the negative, typical change management initiatives FAIL OVER 80% of the time.  Formal change management initiatives FAIL OVER 60% of the time.  Those rates suck!

When it's 4th and Goal in a 5 point ball game nobody calls a play that succeeds 18% of the time!  That's nuts.

It's time for built industry professionals to think about the change management effort associated with the adoption, adaption and implementation of IPD, BIM and lean processes.  These innovative business processes have the potential to revitalize companies, increase efficiency and ensure long term success.  But only if the change associated with deploying those new processes is managed effectively.

Collaborative Construction is working on solving these problems.  Under ideal circumstances the change management programs we are studying succeed over 80% of the time.  That's a much more palatable outcome.  If your company is adopting IPD, BIM and / lean processes contact us to learn more.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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Suzy Frame said...

This is so awesome! thanks so much for sharing it with me! I have been looking into so many different construction situations and have many that I do like. I have been looking into aberdeen construction quite a lot for collaborative construction!

Angela West said...

Great list. I'm familiar with a lot of these already and agree. Have a few others to check out too. Thanks!