Monday, September 24, 2012

Micromine's Rhonda Bulmer on Business Information Modeling

Micromine is an Australian based software company that offers a variety of products to the mining industry.  Rhonda Bulmer, Micromine's North American Sales Manager, quoted in the story below, is a fellow BIM evangelist I've been in contact with for several years now.  Rhonda is doing a great job at Micromine.  Specifically, she is opening eyes in the mining industry to the value of BIM, which she defines as Business Information Modelling.

I am particularly interested in the mining industry as new adopter of IPD / BIM and lean processes due to the opportunity to interact with and influence financial stakeholders early.  Exploration companies seeking funding for mining operations need to convince banks / venture capital firms and investors the proposed mining operation has value.  BIM - especially when leveraged through Micromine's mining industry oriented tools - enables exploration companies to share the vision of the mine with those financial stakeholders.

New and improved financial instruments, that mandate the use of IPD / BIM and lean processes, would increase the value and reduce the risk of these mining operations.  Anyone interested in discussing the scope and nature of the underlying legal instruments we envision should reach out to Collaborative Construction.

The Article in which Rhonda is quoted is on pages 23 - 31

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