Wednesday, October 3, 2012

AIA Digital Practice Documents for Review

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently published a draft set of Digital Practice Documents worthy of consideration by integrated teams interested in providing BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure in an integrated project delivery (IPD) environment.  You can download and review the E203TM - 20112, Building Information Modeling and Digital Data Exhibit; G201TM - 2012 Project Digital Data Protocol Form; and the G202TM - 2012 Building Information Modeling Protocol Form at the link below.

Also available, at the link, a Guide and Commentary on AIA Digital Practice Documents, another document worthy of review.

The new suite of AIA Digital Practice Documents mirrors the approach Collaborative Construction takes to crafting, drafting and implementing legal agreements on complex construction projects. Specifically, the Digital Practice Documents, and the Protocols referenced therein, provide a flexible legal framework upon which to hang the parts and pieces of a collaborative or integrated agreement negotiated by the parties.

Of course, the AIA documents continue to contemplate a scenario in which certain legal agreements may have already been executed, a scenario Collaborative Construction discourages, but with which practitioners are routinely confronted.  Regardless, the new instruments represent significant advances by the AIA.

Attention is specifically directed to the following language in the document summary:

Owners that wish to procure bids from integrated teams capable of providing BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure need to ensure the "substantive discussion" contemplated by the AIA in its Digital Practice Documents takes place long before an ATTACHMENT to the original agreement is being negotiated!  That said, the new documents represent a step in the right direction and cover many the important issues parties struggle with in a BIM Implementation workshop.

Readers involved in the launch of BIM enabled projects should contact Collaborative Construction to learn more about the innovative series of workshops we offer which help owners, contractors and designers plan, design, construct, operate and maintain BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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