Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Concrete that repairs itself?

My apologizes for the delay between posts.  As many of you may know I was in Ireland earlier this month to deliver the keynote address as CITA's October BIM Workshop in Ireland.  I'll post updates regarding that trip over the weekend.  Meanwhile, I wanted to share the article excerpted and linked below on concrete that heals itself because it contains a limestone excreting bacteria that is comes to life when exposed to corrosive water that penetrates the concrete.  Cool heh?

Below is an excerpt from the article with an image of cracking concrete.  Nano / Bio technologies that enable the creation and commercial use of advanced materials is the key to sustainable construction in the future.  In addition to self-healing concrete we need self-dissolving concrete that can be subjected to certain conditions that enable us to quickly and easily remove old concrete in an environmentally friendly way.  As Collaborative Construction says, "The Revolution is Upon Us!"  Are you ready?

Concrete cracks SPLConcrete is the world's most popular building material, but cracking is a problem

Bacterial spores and the nutrients they will need to feed on are added as granules into the concrete mix. But water is the missing ingredient required for the microbes to grow. 
So the spores remain dormant until rainwater works its way into the cracks and activates them. The harmless bacteria - belonging to the Bacillus genus - then feed on the nutrients to produce limestone. 
The bacterial food incorporated into the healing agent is calcium lactate - a component of milk. The microbes used in the granules are able to tolerate the highly alkaline environment of the concrete. 
"In the lab we have been able to show healing of cracks with a width of 0.5mm - two to three times higher than the norms state," Dr Jonkers explained.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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