Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Redesign Required on Fed's $4.2 to $6.2 Billion Project

Welcome to the debacle that is your federal government!  Those antiquated federal procurement laws and regulations work like a charm don't they?

Tasked with building a new Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) in Tennessee, the largest construction project in the history of the state, the Feds bungled it and now have to redesign the whole thing!  

After spending $500 million in the design process the project - which was budgeted to cost $4.2 to $6.2 billion - the roof is 13' feet too SHORT, the concrete walls need to be 18" - 30" inches WIDER and concrete slab needs to be 1' foot THICKER.


Can we please put the federal government in charge of the illegal drug trade already?  Is their anything they lay their hands on that they don't render FUBAR?

The original budget appears to be a joke.  $4.2 to $6.2 billion?  REALLY?  Who in the private sector launches a project with with 30% fudge factor built into the budget?  Private sector projects can certainly run off the rails and go over budget, but who gets to fudge 30% out the gate?  But what's $2.0 billion here or $2.0 billion there when the government is running TRILLION DOLLAR ANNUAL DEFICITS?

I'm sooo glad the federal procurement process is such a well oiled machine.  Otherwise, the use of IPD, BIM and Lean processes might be worth trying and an intelligent and integrated procurement program that utilized IPD to deliver BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure might make sense.

Here's the money quote but treat yourself to the whole article!

The cost range for the Uranium Processing Facility had been officially estimated at $4.2 billion to $6.5 billion, and it was not immediately clear how the redesign will change the project's cost.
John Eschenberg, the federal project director for UPF, told the board that in order to create more space for the facility's production activities that the roof of the building will have to be raised about 13 feet. After the meeting, he acknowledged that would add to the cost of the project.
In addition, the concrete foundation slab will have to be about a foot thicker, and the walls will have to be thickened from 18 inches to 30 inches, he said. 
Note they have NO IDEA how much the redesign will cost.  Geez.

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There are quite a lot of construction projects going on in my area right now. I have no idea what their budget it though. I hope that they get done all of the projects that they are working on before the snow hits.