Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Warm Pot of Change!

"Come on in," said the frog swimming lazily in the warm pot, "the water's fine!"

The other frogs jumped into the pot.  They were all slowly boiled and became part of a tasty frog soup.

Andrew Abernathy, over at My Strings Blog, compares the stakeholders at Hostess, Inc. to the Frogs.  In the blog post linked above he says:

"[A] perfectly good company will go out of existence, throwing 18,500 folks out of jobs, all because, a few knuckle-headed owners, managers and labor leaders were blissful frogs in a warm pot of change."

Many major stakeholders in the built industry act like the frogs when it comes to their continued use of antiquated business models, procurement methods, design tools and processes, delivery methods and the management, operation and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure over time.

Is your company acting like a frog?

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