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(BIM)X and (CM)X as (SMART)X Game Changers

The presentation in Ireland contemplated a scenario in which (BUILT)X Solutions were built on a foundation supported on the one hand by (BIM)X and the other by (CM)X.  As most readers may recall, (BUILT)X refers to buildings - and other BIM enabled infrastructure - built by (BIM)X builders utilizing integrated procurement programs (IPP), integrated project delivery (IPD), and integrated operations and maintenance (IOM) and lean processes and technologies today and tomorrow.  

Typically, Collaborative Construction explains IPP, IPD, and IOM by reference to an arch structure.  The support structure / foundation for IPD is shown below.

When we talk about (BUILT)X Solutions and the foundation / support structure for those (BUILT)X Solutions we are talking about substituting (BIM)X in the place of plain BIM in the image to the left and (CM)X in the place of lean in the same image.

(BIM)X should be read as an algebraic description of the familiar acronym for building information modeling, BIM, where the terms building, business and big data represent the B, the terms information, integration and innovation represent the I and modeling, management and maintenance represent the M and the exponent of those combined terms can be multiplied exponentially by X.

(CM)X should similarly be read as an algebraic equation where the C represents construction, change and culture, while M represents management, maintenance and modeling.  As with (BIM)X, the equation of (CM)X involves the exponential leveraging of the individual component parts in an environment where those terms are combined and multiplied exponentially by X.

Likewise, (SMART)X should be read as an algebraic equation where the S stands for inter alia, Simple, Scalable, and Stupid Stoppers, the M stands for meaningful, manageable and malleable, the A stands actionable, awesome and accountable, the R stands for relational, related, and redundant, and the T stands for transformational technologies today and tomorrow.  

In the power point world Collaborative Construction summarizes (SMART)X Game Changers as follows:

Collaborative Construction also uses the phrase (SMART)X Game Changer to refer to a variety of innovations including IPD, BIM, and integrated legal agreements.

If you think about the words associated with the acronym / equation (SMART)X you will realize that many of the innovations in the industry are (SMART)X Game Changers.

The image below and to the right captures the foundational vision described in the text above.

In Ireland we took the arch structure foundation concept to another level, introducing the metaphor of a roman aqua duct as a conduit for carrying information a knowledge forward over time.  

We discussed waste and inefficiency and drilled down to the level of a typical RFI as a means of quantifying waste and inefficiency.

The idea is to reduce waste and inefficiency by building the aqua duct from the ground up with a series of arches where IPP, IPD and IOM - and similarly foundational / institutional support mechanisms - are put in place first, and the remaining technology, procurement and delivery programs are built on that arch-based foundation.  

The concept is reflected in the image below. 

In the image above there are innumerable keystones supporting various aspects of the arch-based foundation that supports the aqua duct.  In Collaborative Construction's world those keystones represent a wide range of integrated legal instruments that support and enable the entire process.

Owners of large portfolios of infrastructure and facilities need to put these kinds of support structures in place sooner rather than later as the long term benefits of carrying information and knowledge forward over time far outweighs the cost of putting these support structures in place.

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