Friday, November 2, 2012

(BUILT)X Solutions in Ireland?

Greetings readers.  Sorry for the long layoff.  As many of you know I traveled to Ireland earlier this month to deliver the keynote address at the CITA BIM Workshop in Ireland.  The trip was great, the audience receptive and Guinness excellent.

This post briefly summarizes the series of presentations made in Ireland. 

Presentations were made to multiple stakeholders including the Office of Public Works of Ireland (OPW), the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI), the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI), the Construction Industry Foundation (CIF), the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI),  and the Law Society of Ireland.  In addition to formal meetings there were numerous informal gathering throughout the week and, of course, the CITA BIM Workshop presentation itself.

The experience convinced me Ireland is well positioned to quickly adopt and deploy IPD, BIM and lean tools, provided the Irish Government lends its support to the effort.  National organizations, like CITA and the others mentioned above, have done yeoman's work raising awareness of BIM but the built industry in Ireland is running into the same legal red tape we experience at the governmental level when seeking to institutionalize the use of IPD, BIM and lean processes.  The hope, though, is to engage the Irish Government in the conversation in a substantive manner, and leverage the lessons learned in the US, in the individual states in the US, in Canada, the Pacific Rim of Asia and the rest of Europe, especially the UK.  Opportunity awaits; the question is whether the Irish can seize it.

Against that backdrop, I discussed the concept of deploying IPD and BIM as (SMART)X Game Changers within the built industry in Ireland.  Deploying IPD & BIM as (SMART)X Game Changers will empower the Irish Government, and other major portfolio owners in the country, to achieve (BUILT)X Solutions supported by (BIM)X and (CM)X, all of which in turn, rests on a foundation if integrated procurement programs (IPP in 3D), integrated project delivery (IPD in 3D) methods and an integrated operations and maintenance (IOM in 3D) system. 

Collaborative Construction has been evangelizing these integrated solutions for years now.  I am exciting about working with the folks in Ireland because they have a chance to learn from the mistakes others have made and deploy these tools quickly and effectively on a national scale.  

I will keep readers abreast of developments there and will publish a series of blog posts explaining and defining the mneumonic devices used above to summarize the presentations.

Check back later this week for more!

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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