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Cultural Change in the Built Industry

A Brief History of (CM)X

In Collaborative Construction's world (CM)X refers to our cultural, construction and change management models. Our (CM)X in 3DTM Program helps clients master the cultural changes triggered by adoption and deployment of disruptive technologies like BIM, and innovative new delivery models like IPD. This post briefly explains how Collaborative Construction came to offer (CM)X services.

IPD Facilitation

Our initial business model focused on integrated project delivery (IPD) facilitation. We helped owners, designers and contractors craft, negotiate and implement integrated agreements related to specific projects. That program is called IPD in 3DTM. We still do this and do it well. You should call if you plan to operate in an IPD environment any time soon.

In the context of delivering IPD Facilitation services we found ourselves forming, training and deploying integrated teams on small projects and crafting, negotiating and implementing strategic alliance agreements for cluster groups on large projects.

The integrated teams we formed and nurtured learned to utilize building information modeling (BIM) in an IPD environment. However, instilling BIM and IPD enabled mind sets beyond the “A Team” proved difficult.

IPP and IOM Facilitation

As IPD in 3DTM proved successful owners began asking for help with procurement in the pre-con phase and sought more useful BIM in the operations and maintenance phase. Those demands led Collaborative Construction to develop its integrated procurement program (IPP in 3DTM) and its integrated operations and maintenance system (IOM in 3DTM). Those efforts led to Collaborative Construction's efforts to coordinate and facilitate delivery of fully functional integrated building information models (BIM)X for use in operations and maintenance.

The (STUPID)X Problem

Early on we described the processes outlined above as “herding cats.” That's a euphemism for “stopping stupid.” Today we embrace the truth and we bluntly tell clients “We stop stupid.” Specifically, “We stop stupid in the built industry.”

Note, we don't “cure” stupid. (STUPID)X is a long term, sometimes fatal condition that requires continuous treatment. As a disease of addiction it can be managed, but never cured. Industries, companies and individuals suffering from (STUPID)X must admit they have problem to solve the problem.

Thus, overcoming denial is the first step.

The (CM)X Solution

For clients who bravely face (STUPID)X in the built industry, and intend to overcome it, Collaborative Construction now offers relevant and effective services – our (CM)X in 3DTM Program – that help change cultural norms. These services are offered as part of our IPP, IPD and IOM in 3DTM Facilitation workshops. Entities that adopt and deploy disruptive technologies, delivery models, and business processes encounter serious cultural challenges and require assistance changing the cultures in which those disruptive innovate practices are deployed. Collaborative Construction's (CM)X in 3DTM Program addresses the issue of cultural change and change management.


Deploying real (BUILT)X Solutions requires cultural change. And cultural change takes significant time and energy to achieve. A lot of entities offer "change management" services, but few offer mechanisms that actually change the culture. If you want to “Stop Stupid” you have to change the “Stupid Culture.” That's what we do and that's what sets us apart.

Most entities that offer change management consulting services are "Stuck on Stupid" themselves. That is, they deploy antiquated process based tool sets that "manage change" rather than changing the culture. Those who provide such change management services fail over 70% of the time.

Why on earth would anybody interested in deploying (BUILT)X Solutions, e.g. (BIM)X, IPP, IPD and IOM in 3DTM – tectonic cultural changes all – invest in processes that FAIL 70% of the time? Why would you hire somebody who is "Stuck on Stupid" to help you "Stop Stupid"? It makes no sense.  Wouldn't you rather work with someone who understands (SMART)X GameChangers?

There's your “short” history of (CM)X and how Collaborative Construction came to offer these new services. If your organization is adopting and deploying BIM or considering IPD give us a call. We can help.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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