Monday, November 12, 2012

Frack it! Let's save the planet.

I chuckled - more than once -as I read the article linked below.  Watching a green advocate like Bjorn Lmoborg realize Fracking is as a (SMART)X Game Changer is exciting.  Glad to see a few synapses still firing in few heads in that arena.

The Copenhagen Consensus is a think tank that ranks the economically smartest approaches to a variety of issues. In 2009, we asked 27 of the world's top climate economists to identify the costs and benefits of the top climate solutions. A group of eminent economists, including three Nobel laureates, ranked the smartest ways to fix the climate. Their answer was: Don't continue to expand current policies. Trying to make fossil fuels so costly that no one wants them is bad economics, in addition to being bad politics.

Well DUH!

Glad to hear they are abandoning their manically death wish for our entire economy.  The question in my mind is whether President #StandDown is on board.  Or is this another 3:00 a.m. phone call he's not ready to answer?

Here's one of Bjorn's suggestions:

A good example is the innovation of fracked gas, which has made the price of natural gas drop dramatically -- allowing a switch in electricity production away from coal. This in turn has singlehandedly caused the United States to reduce its annual CO2 emissions by about 500Mt, or about twice as much as the entire global reductions from the last 20 years of international climate negotiations. Moreover, it has not cost the United States anything -- in fact, U.S. consumers are saving about $100 billion per year in cheaper prices. That's a policy that is easy to sell around the world.

Well... I agree.

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