Friday, November 16, 2012

More STUPID that needs Fixing!

I apologize in advance to any of my green friends that take undue offense at this post but, PLEASE PEOPLE can we get past the propaganda when it comes to Fracking!  Geez.  

The link below takes you to an excellent post summarizing and excellent presentation by an excellent lawyer that addresses, via most excellent analysis, the pros & cons of "fracking" and determines, not surprisingly, that we need to get on with it.  Can you say give me an Army o Alexanders NOW please!  The image below is used by Collaborative Construction to convey the importance of recruiting an Army of Alexanders who can - and WILL - cut through the red tape and get on with the task of adopting, adapting, implementing and otherwise depploying (BUILT)X Solutions, IPP, IPD, & IOM in 3D and other (SMART)X Game Changers today instead of 30 or 40 years from now.

In the article it is noted:

Whatever its ultimate ecological impact, the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling promises to dramatically increase domestic oil and gas reserves, drive down energy prices and fundamentally transform the energy sector. North Dakota now produces more oil than any state but Texas and the oil and gas boom in this state is enriching landowners tremendously. Every president since President Nixon has called for energy independence. Fracking’s rise could make this possible within the next few decades. Beyond that, fracking and the proliferation of cheap gas, Merrill suggested, likely means the end of the nuclear power industry in the United States and has thrown the coal industry into a tailspin. Cheap gas is a bigger threat to coal than any alleged “war on coal” waged by the Environmental Protection Agency. It also threatens the future of alternative energy technologies dependent upon government subsidies for their economic viability.

The bottom line is clean natural gas is a great energy source.  And give me "dirty" tar sands oil form our friends in Canda versus HEAD CHOPPERS in the Middle East and TWICE on Sunday.  Good Lord, why are we so STUPID when it comes to developing and exploiting ENERGY resources in our own backyard?

If you want to "save" manufacturing jobs in the U.S. make it cheaper to manufacture in the U.S.  If you want to make it cheaper to manufacture in the U.S. give me some $3.00 LNG!

Come on now.  This isn't THAT hard!

Sorry for yelling but the greenie weanies get on my ever last nerve.


Here's another excerpt that deserves attention.

A more likely factor is the way U.S. law treats subsurface rights. The U.S. is something of an outlier in that subsurface minerals are the property of the landowner, and not the government. This results in decentralized ownership and control over subsurface rights facilitates experimentation and innovation in figuring out how to exploit and manage subsurface resources.
Further decentralization, and experimentation, results from the federalist regulatory structure. Different states have different regulatory approaches than others, creating opportunities for further innovation and the opportunity for jurisdictions to learn from one another. The existence of a few jurisdictions that will allow a new technology to be tried provides a laboratory from which others may learn, whereas under a more centralized regulatory structure such innovation is unlikely to get off the ground.
The existence of a relatively open infrastructure network – a pipeline system that is subject to common-carrier rules – also plays a role in facilitating entry into the market. These factors have a common theme: decentralization. Taken together, Merrill suggests, they are the most likely source of fracking’s rise in the Unites

When INDIVIDUALS own their own land these kinds of things happen.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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