Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nano Tech Absorption & Artificial Muscle

Below are exerpts from a couple of very interesting nanotechnology stories.  The first describes a nano form of glass that shows great potential as an absorption agent and as a lifting mechanism.  It looks as if it is already being commercialized.

The second describes a carbon fiber nano yarn saturated with paraffin that shows great promise in several areas.  Once material scientists get a handle on the use of commercialized versions of these things they will prove very useful in the construction industry.

Leveraging revolutionary materials like these are the key to sustainability from my perspective.  Land is the key asset in the built industry not the facility.  Facilities must evolve and be replaced but the land remains.  Advanced nano tech based materials will facilitate that.

Here's a link the the blurb on the the nano absorption product.  Very interesting.

Below is an article with an embedded video of a professor explaining the nano carbon muscle yarn.  Be sure to watch the video.  Very cools stuff. 

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