Friday, November 30, 2012

(SMART)X Light Bulbs, Dim Light Bulbs, Eating the Rich and Funding BIM

And no I don't mean those over-priced mercury laden things either.  This is an honest to goodness (SMART)X - as in (SMART)X Game Changer - light bulb under development at MIT.  The article excerpted and linked below tells you more.  But before we go there I'd like to tie this back to the "1% for art" budget requirement in so many public projects.

While presenting in Ireland I learned that the giant flag pole with no flag erected in the center of Dublin, which apparently cost several million Euros, was funded to satisfy such a requirement.  In the US we have similar "allocations" or "set-asides" intended to fund "public art".  The movement benefits fools like Shepard Fairey who famously brought us this image:  

By which he apparently meant "Hope we can Eat the Rich" as his latest piece of "art" contends.

While cleaver and great agitprop for the masses "Eat the Rich" hardly qualifies as a solution to our current fiscal woes, regardless of how badly President Obama and Mr. Fairey want it to work.  For a sobering analysis of how little good it will do to eat the rich check out Bill Whittle's piece below.  The piece discusses the kind of money you would have to take from the rich to fund the federal government.

With that rabbit trail behind us let's return to the issue of "allocations" for "art" on public projects and the (SMART)X light bulb.  I'd like to see the (SMART)X light bulb's discussed below merged with existing hologram technologies to bring us interactive holograms of major public facilities and infrastructure.  And the FUNDING for the (BIM)X required to drive data to those (SMART)X Holograms ought to come out of the  "allocations" for "public art" that is currently used to fund the Fairey's of the world and to bring us the Piss Christ and similarly worthless and offensive pieces.

Art should be funded by the market place, private donations or the artists themselves.  Of course the irony of Fairey is the fact that he stole the source image for his now famous Obama Hope poster from the AP and the two fought a long court battle over the EVIL money Fairey's poster of Obama generated.  I wonder if he's now a cannibal?

Ok, ok, here's the (SMART)X Light Bulb article.  Be sure to read the whole thing!

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