Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cultural Change... How do you do that?

As a collaborative consultant who routinely advocates clients adopt innovative and disruptive technologies and business processes I encounter the "culture excuse" on a regular basis.  Of course, the built industry as a whole uses the "culture excuse" to flee change and does so with alacrity.  Clients with whom I work recognize the "culture excuse" as a barrier.  They just need help converting it into an opportunity.  That's where Collaborative Construction's (CM)X Program comes into play.  That program recognizes the need to tackle challenges associated with disruptive change in a comprehensive manner.

A blog hardly qualifies as a sufficiently robust forum in which to address these issues.  It does, however, provide an opportunity to share tidbits of information with interested parties.  The image below summarizes the six factors cited, ad nauseam, in the change management literature as the keys to successful change. 

Built industry professionals interested in adopting and deploying BIM technologies, integrated procurement programs (IPP), integrated project delivery (IPD), and integrated operations and maintenance (IOM) systems are tackling disruptive technologies and business processes that require advance planning to deploy and implement successfully.

Typically, change initiatives fail at a rate of 70%.  The change associated with the adoption and deployment of BIM and associated business processes is much more difficult than the change associated with run-of-the-mill change initiatives.  The challenges associated with the deployment and implementation of these innovative and disruptive technologies and processes can be converted into exciting opportunities if your organization approaches them with the right mind set.

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