Thursday, December 6, 2012

Culture of Success

Is there really such a thing?

Yes.  It revolves around hard work, accountability and refusal to ever, ever give up.  In other words, to quote my Scotch-Irish grandfather, "A strong work ethic, personal responsibility and a refusal to quit will take you far."  My Uncle Henry was more blunt.  He said "Quiters quit.  Losers lose. And winners win."  And one of my personal favorites, "Second place is the first loser."

The article linked below concludes with similar advice.

As noted above, Sinic cultural values have long been similar to those found in Weber’s protestant Europe and among the Jews, Basques, and other groups. Chua insists that “tigering” can be practiced by individuals or groups of any ethnicity, age, sex, or historical period. Indeed, jousting with TV comic Stephen Colbert, the tiger mother noted that her approach reflects the most basic of traditional American values: “hard work, don’t blame others, and don’t give up.” These values have always been or became much less influential or absent in non-Sinic Asian, African, Arab, and Latin American countries. 

These same characteristics matter in the formation of integrated teams capable of delivering BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure in an IPD environment.

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Devin said...

I think that a successful construction company comes from making all the right "customer service" decisions too. I can't even count how many times I've worked with contractors who are unfriendly and don't pay attention to exactly what I'm asking for.