Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Internet Trends - Built Industry AWOL

Very very interesting slide show linked below.  Busy today, but clicked through it fast.  Saw (SMART)X doors and thermostats but almost NOTHING else indicating the built industry is paying attention to the Tsunami of information and innovation coming down the pike.

What is your company doing to stay ahead of the curve?

Sponsoring or at least participating in the (SMART)X Game Changer Series might be a good first step. After all, the trends tend to support the idea that (SMART)X Game Changers make a difference heh?

The entire slide show deserves your attention but I culled four slides out for perusal.

First, the text heavy list of implications.

Next the big trend picture.  Where the world is headed as I type.  Mobile, mobile mobile!  And as you consider the ramifications of the slide below don't forget the coal use chart for India and China I blogged about earlier this year in the Old King Coal post.

Asset light v asset heavy consumers.  What about the owners and operators of massive physical portfolios like governments, big corporations and others?

Where USA, Inc. is headed if we don't change our ways.

Again, wouldn't your organization benefit from sponsoring and participating in the (SMART) Game Changer Series?

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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