Friday, December 7, 2012

(SMART)X Game Changer Series Summary

Collaborative Construction's (BUILT)X Solutions SystemTM – part of the (SMART)X Game Changers Series – is launching in 2013.  The goal? Open thought leaders' eyes in mining, oil & gas and heavy infrastructure to the value of IPD, BIM and lean processes. Integrated project delivery (IPD), building information modeling / virtual design and construction (BIM), and lean business processes support innovation, saving billions in costs and generating billions more in new revenue. (BUILT)X Solutions reduce costs, increase profits, and bring more profitable work and projects online.

Contact James L. Salmon to sponsor the series, schedule a (SMART)X workshop for your team and your clients, or for details regarding attendance at a sponsored event.

The 12 Webinar Topics
  • (SMART)X Game Changers Series – A Introduction for the Built Industry
  • (BUILT)X Solutions SystemTM – An Introductory Webinar
  • (BUILT)X Programs – Integrated Procurement Programs, IPP in 3DTM
  • (BUILT)X Projects – Integrated Project Delivery, IPD in 3DTM
  • (BUILT)X BIM to FM – Integrated Operations and Maintenance, IOM in 3DTM
  • (SMART)X Finance – BIM and IPP, IPD and IOM for Lenders
  • (SMART)X Risk Management – BIM and IPP, IPD and IOM for Insurers
  • (SMART)X Bonding – BIM and IPP, IPD and IOM for Sureties
  • (SMART)X BIM Technologies – (BIM)X for the Built Industry
  • (SMART)X Cultural Change – (CM)X as a Tool of Change for the Built Industry
  • (SMART)X Government – IPP in 3DTM
  • (SMART)X Industries – IOM in 3DTM
Regular webinars begin in January with Series Sponsors and their invited guests attending online. Higher level sponsors and their invitees enjoy access to archived versions of the webinars and also host live seminars and workshops throughout the year. The list above reflects anticipated webinar topics. Those may change as the series progresses.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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