Thursday, December 13, 2012

US Energy Boom v OPEC

The glut of cheap energy - mostly in the form of natural gas - and the rise of shale oil production in the US is crimping OPEC's style.  I cannot say that hurts my feelings in the least.

This is the beginning of a trend. The American energy boom is already changing Saudi thinking regarding its own oil reserves, and OPEC’s influence is in an even more advanced stage of decline. Divisions within the cartel and the threat of competition from “vast” North American reserves pose a serious threat to a tight-knit organization that isn’t used to external competition. And as its influence wanes, the remaining members will begin to compete for portions of a continually shrinking pie, weakening the organization’s cohesion and further reducing its influence.

Like Professor Mead, whose blog is linked above, here at Collaborative Construction we have been watching the Oil & Gas sector very carefully and plan to roll out a series of initiatives related to that sector in the coming year.  Readers interested in learning more should get involved in the (SMART)X Game Changer Series as a sponsor.

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