Monday, December 17, 2012

Visualization Tools for Science

These tools, I suspect, adapt easily to meet the demands of virtual planning, design, construction and operations and maintenance of (BIM)X enabled facilities and supporting infrastructure.

The EVEREST system at ORNL in Tennessee is being upgraded.  The visualization chamber utilized by a variety of scientists on a multi-disciplinary basis to observe scientific data and phenomenons in new and interesting formats provides a road map to which the built industry should pay close attention.

For the past couple of months, EVEREST has been down because it's getting a major upgrade, with the power wall being replaced with a new 3D projection system and another wall of the facility becoming a second visualization tool for scientists. In other words, the cool place at ORNL is getting even cooler. 
Jeff Nichols, ORNL's associate lab director for scientific computing, said the total cost of the project -- which includes a significant renovation to the room itself -- is a little under $2.5 million.

At that price, 10 construction industry stakeholders could chip in $250K each for a similar system.  But would they know what to do with it?  100 joined forces the price drops to $25K each.  A thousand could get it for $2,500 each.  Of course, this is a government program and the private sector could likely achieve similar or better results for a fraction of the costs.  Again, however, I wonder if the built industry would have clue as to how best to leverage such a tool.

A traveling version sponsored by the big national organizations, AIA, AGC, COOA, CURT, SEA and others would be pretty slick.  Alas, too many lack vision and the disparate silo-thinking continues to dominate.

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