Friday, December 7, 2012

Waste & non-Value Added Effort Totals 57%!

Grab a copy of McGraw Hill's SmartMarketReport, The Business Value of BIM for North America and share it with your friends, colleagues, clients and collaborative partners.  It's full of great information.

The piece that jumped out at me was the interview with Deke Smith, the Executive Director of the buildingSMARTalliance, where he said "There's about 57% waste or non-value added effort in the industry."

I've argued for several years now that that number ran between 30% and 50%, and I've always cited lean manufacturing studies in support.  Old school participants in the construction industry routinely scoff at the numbers I present and argue, with no basis what so ever, that waste in the built industry is not that great.

My presentation has now been updated to include Deke's quote.  A copy of the slide follows.

It's probably time to start paying attention to the Return o Failure associated with NOT adopting BIM and IPD heh?

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