Friday, January 11, 2013

Don't Deliver Humpty Dumpty BIM!

Regular readers are familiar with the story of Katy's Castle.  Collaborative Construction uses the story to illustrate the insanity of tossing 2D drawings, CAD Files, BIM, and sundry bits and pieces of information over the wall in a built environment.  Such Humpty Dumpty BIM is worse, in many cases, than no BIM at all from the owners perspective.

While owner centric, the lesson of Katy's Castle applies to all consumers of information in the built environment.

I've used the story of Katy's Castle and the concept of Humpty Dumpty BIM as teaching tools for several years now.  Both are highly effective metaphors that conveys the importance of integrated BIM and integrated project delivery (IPD) to readers, viewers and workshop participants.  Don't be guilty of delivering Humpty Dumpty BIM!

Of course, Collaborative Construction has a number of other clever parables, thought games and fast failure exercises that drive home the importance and value of integrated procurement programs (IPP), integrated project delivery (IPD) and integrated operations and maintenance (IOM).  Our (BUILT)X Solutions program, featured in the upcoming (SMART)X Game Changers Series, utilizes these tools and processes to provide built industry stakeholders clear insights regarding the value of these innovations.

Recently, Collaborative Construction has begun looking hard at the question of cultural change, management of cultural change and change management generally.  These concepts take center stage in many of the collaborative workshops we offer.  Accordingly, if you or your clients need help tackling cultural change and change management issues give us a call.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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