Thursday, January 17, 2013

What replaces our failing systems?

Professor Mead, who writes about the failure of the so-called "blue social model", the prevailing societal model in the world today, has a blog post up that tackles the question of what's next.  The failure of the blue social model has profound implications for the built industry and strategic thinkers in the industry would be well served by following what Professor Mead has to say on the topic. 

Below is an excerpt from his most recent blog post and a link to the full post.  Separately, here's a link to an article summarizing his thesis if you want to catch up on the topic.  The Once and Future Liberalism.

The secret of Anglo-American civilization has been its ability to combine the two elements of order and liberty at successively higher levels of both. To think constructively about our future we shouldn’t be thinking about a zero sum tradeoff between order and freedom; we should be thinking about how to build the kind of order that extends our liberty in new and important ways.

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