Thursday, February 28, 2013

BIM as Water Droplets?

The article excerpted and linked below highlights the need for businesses to quickly come to grips with how services and products are delivered in a knowledge and information based economy.  The article summarizes an Accenture study assessing business operations in the digital age.  The quote excerpted below rang true with me.  

My vision of (BIM)X on a complex project is of a mighty river of information flowing into an even larger river of information and finally into an ocean of information.  Viewing the data flowing in the rivers and accumulating in the oceans, and then evaporating and falling again in new places helps me visualize what's happening the (BIM)X world.  The article gets the river piece of my analogy right with the supply chain v. warehouse concept, but doesn't quite capture the full water cycle image I have in mine minds eye when I think of (BIM)X.  

It's a good read though.  

What's needed is a strategy that sees data more as a supply chain than a warehouse. It's about asking the questions that need to be answered first and then designing applications for the "right" data. "Companies that recognize this and make data a strategic asset that drives business outcomes will have an edge over those that view data merely as an output," the report said.

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