Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cyborg Project by Autodesk is Nanotech Design on Steroids

My unhealthy obsession with nanotechnology, bio-tech, advanced materials science as a critical components of the BIM / IPD / Lean process brew stand on the brink of validation.  Autodesk's Cyborg Project takes center stage at the TED Conference.  The article, excerpted and linked below, confirms the validity of the various bio-tech and nano-tech posts I've thrown up on the blog over the past few years!
There are still many open questions that nanotechnology needs to surmount, ranging from viability to safety. Autodesk executives and the designers of Project Cyborg believe, however, that they can recreate the thriving commercial ecosystems that the company has now evolved in engineering design at a Lilliputian scale. They foresee nanorobots that will be able to attack cancers and other diseases and a new world of molecular materials, as well as a visualization system for an entire universe beyond the range of the unaided human eye. 
“People are only now being introduced to the fact that this form of science is in fact design, and it has the same paradigms and patterns as designing a factory or designing a car, with different nouns and verbs,” said Jeff Kowalski, Autodesk’s chief technology officer. “That’s our objective – to understand how to take 30 years of technology to transform how design is done in the inert world and empower those who are designing in the living world.” 

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