Monday, February 25, 2013

More Biotech for Construction?

Ever heard of a Remora?  Me neither.  But biotech researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute have!  And they are busy using 3D Rapid Prototyping Printers to spit out replicas so they can study the impressive adhesive abilities of the little creatures.

Oh, a Remora?  It's a little fish that attaches itself to a shark for a free ride, if lucky, a free meal when the shark makes a kill.  Immunity from attack as a hitchhiker riding a shark?  Another side benefit.

Remoras, Porcupines, Geckos, birds and insects all provide these innovative researchers with interesting ideas about new materials and mechanisms modeled after those that occur naturally.  The 21st Century is going to deliver some pretty cool innovations before its all said and done!  Will the built industry get in the game?

Here's a link to the Study of Remoras article.  There's a pic of the little guys hitching a ride there.

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