Thursday, February 28, 2013

New BIM Protocols Across the Pond

As regular readers may know, the UK Government recently announced 2nd level BIM as the standard on all of its projects by 2016.  Rather than demanding BIM out of the blue the UK provided the built industry with almost 4 years advance notice.  Several useful reports have been published in the context of the push for 2nd level BIM and the most recent publications include the following:

In the next few days Collaborative Construction will review these materials and report back with a more detailed analysis.  The BIM Insurance piece is particularly intriguing.  As an construction lawyer I've had hundreds of conversations with insurance industry professionals who refuse to acknowledge the role BIM plays in the built environment and who refuse to address the need for new generation insurance products that protect integrated teams, rather than pitting those team members one against another by providing disparate coverage for each member.

Once I knock out some other work I will revisit these materials.

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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Ben Shideler said...

I also look forward to the insurance article, as this is one larger reasons cited for not moving quicker towards BIM.

Robert Niro said...

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Christian Bale said...

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